Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My family loves noodles. My family loves soup. We eat noodles with or without soup and vice versa. You get the picture. When they visited me last week we slurped and inhaled and gulped and we could have done this indefinitely, but they did have to go back home to Manila.

Yup we are suckers for famous places

dumpling noodles

wonton noodles

token vegetable

spicy pork noodles

Ippudo special ramen

Ippudo Tonkotsu ramen

  Commercial break: My eldest enjoying his green tea froyo from Yo Mama. 
Now this has nothing to do with noodles, but I just have to say it. Yo Mama's dark chocolate froyo (a seasonal flavor) has got to be one of the very best froyos I have ever tasted. I wish it were available all the time.

Ho Hung Kee (since 1946!)
2 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay
They have swanky new digs at Hysan Place, but it lacks character. I prefer the original, cramped premises.

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