Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sometimes, you beat 'em. Other times, you join 'em. I'm in the middle of a serious diet this month, to lose all the excess fat I gained from giving birth....three and a half years ago. Yes, it's been a constant uphill struggle since that day. Thing is, my family is visiting Hong Kong, and that can only mean one thing. It means war on diets and calorie counts. Eating is serious business according to my dad. So serious on our first day we had breakfast at 9 am (Law Fu Kee for their flavorful, msg-laden congee and al dente wonton noodles) , a snack at 10am (Wai Kee's crisp you tiao fresh from a bath in boiling hot oil, gooey steamed turnip pudding with soy sauce), coffee at 10:30am (Holly Brown with you tiao on the side), a visit to a Shanghainese store to buy dried plums to help with digestion (we needed it, most definitely) and lunch at 12:30pm (roast goose rice at Yung Kee, skip their cha siu and cuttlefish though- not worth it).

You Tiao, Chinese style crullers perfect when eaten with
congee, or dipped in hot chocolate like churros, or dipped in coffee.
Unfortunately the ones at Law Fu Kee are pre-cut, stale and cold.

Papa's congee with fish slices

My mom and sister's wonton noodles

My wonton soup

Ginger and Century Egg

They make hundreds of shrimp dumplings every morning

Their hands are so deft and quick
Yummy filling

Steamed turnip pudding
We attacked the turnip pudding

This is where they portion it out from

The best you tiao--fried in front of you

Stanley Street dai pai dongs, or streetside stalls similar
 to hawker stalls in Singapore. We plan to eat lunch here soon.
Yung Kee's display. Only their roast goose and
famous century egg with ginger are decent.
Otherwise, there are so many better roast specialists out there.

Law Fu Kee 
G/F, 142 Queen's Road Central, 2543 3881
Wai Kee
G/F, 82 Stanley St, Central
Yung Kee
32 Wellington Street, Central, 2522 1624