Saturday, November 10, 2012

MY FAVORITES! (M for Masarap, Madami, Magulo, Maingay at Mura)

Tung Bo is not for the squeamish. Located atop a wet market, you eat knowing that beneath you are  rows of stalls selling all manner of freshly caught, plucked, dressed and butchered animals. The floors are wet, the permeating odor fishy and gamey.

Upstairs at the restaurant walk with your head held high, not out of pride but so you don't have to see what's making the floor sticky. Ignore how the dinnerware is being washed and dried, welcome the raucous noise caused by a lot of semi and fully-drunk clients. Sidestep those tables where there are card and drinking games going on, lest you get hit by stray flying dice being thrown by an overly eager participant. Sit at your table, proceed to order, then attack your meal with gusto. Chitchat for a bit until your voice can't be heard above the din, ask for the bill, and happily pay. The food here is tasty, plentiful, and, for something not located on an outlying island, reasonable (not exactly chump change, but not hard on the wallet either).

Anthony Bourdain has featured it, HK locals love it, tourists flock to it. It's a bit hyped up, but sometimes you want the hype and hoopla. Sometimes you want to eat where the floors are gooey, the chopsticks need to be immersed in boiling hot tea, the light is harsh and the diners are devout gluttons.

Prawn Coated in Salted Egg Yolk: Cholesterol heaven

Fried chicken with garlic bits on top, the skin gleaming dark copper,
and you see the yellow bits of fat underneath.
This chicken will never undergo liposuction.

Ok, this was a weird mistake. We ordered mantis shrimp
because they ran out of the yummy razor clams
 in black bean sauce. We wondered why we got a
basket of toasted white bread squares.

We were too cheap to get the fried mantis shrimp
so we ordered the one cooked with eggwhite instead
and this mound appeared. Apparently you eat it
on the toast. Hmmm. Takes some
getting used to. Tastes healthy. Weird.

Good thing we got fried rice to balance off
the healthy egg white dish. This was a certified winner.

Tung Po Seafood Restaurant
Java Road Cooked Food Centre, 2/F, 99 Java Road, North Point

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