Monday, November 19, 2012


My travel mantra has always been, eat where the hungry, all-knowing locals eat. Before my food- loving family flew in I made a list of HK cheap eats, 3 pages long. An exaggeration, given the limitations of time and tummy space, but we tried our very best.

For breakfast one day- dimsum at my favorite non English-speaking, noisy, full of octogenarians, decades-old restaurant.

cha siu bao 

tripe, so soft and slippery

thin-skinned dumplings, beautiful to behold

I can eat 5 of these babies in one go

I don't remember what's in this, I do know the wrapper was a tad too thick

Mushroom, chicken and bok ni (white fungus)

steamed fish ball, Cantonese style

this picture can't begin to depict the rowdy, bustling, local character of this place

dimsum carts

cutting up my favorite haam sui gau (fried glutinous rice dumpling with pork)

Lin Heung Tea House
160 Wellington Street, Central
2544 4556

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