Thursday, November 8, 2012

MY FAVORITES! (R for Ramen)

Slurping noodles floating in boiling hot broth is a national pastime in Hong Kong. There are as many kinds of slurpers are there are noodle varieties: noisy, one-knee-up-the-chair, shirtless, demure, fancy, slow, name it, and HK has it. I am a noisy kind of slurper (they're the best, don't you agree?), with matching smacking sounds, fist-pumping and foot-thumping when I'm especially enjoying my noodles.

There are noodle joints in almost every street corner in Hong Kong, except in the street where I live, which is such a shame. I could eat noodles day in and day out. More famous here are the thin egg noodles with shrimp or pork wonton, which rightly deserve praise, however, my heart belongs to the minority: noodles that are not as popular, are harder to find, and have spice levels that defy belief.

My favorite noodle joints are spread far and wide in Hong Kong. Which is to say, I need to go back and slurp more of them and take pictures so I leave you with another type of noodle that has captured the heart of many residents, ramen.

I've tried a few places serving ramen but have only gone back to these three. Butao King (black ramen colored with squid ink, spicy miso ramen and the pickled vegetables in every table I wish I could steal), Sapporo (ramen in miso broth and light soya sauce ramen, both of which are not oily and quite refreshing) and Hakata Ippudo (Spicy miso ramen, Tsukemen, Akamaru, Rice with Grilled Pork, Seaweed and Roe). Ippudo has a grilled pork bun, but it's just average.

I'm sure there are many more to be discovered. So consider a ramen foodtrip part of my winter itinerary. Take note though that ramen here is inferior to that of Japan, because nothing, absolutely nothing, beats eating any dish at its source. Oh Japan, how I miss you (but that's another story).

Butao King 
11-12 Wo On Lane, Central, 2530 0600
Sapporo Japanese Restaurant 
G/F, Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road Central, 2140 6883
Hakata Ippudo, various locations in TST, Causeway Bay, Central and Admiralty


  1. Dawn! I stumbled upon your blog somehow... the food blogverse is one of my favorite destinations on a lazy Saturday morning. Keep writing, I'd love to hear more about your HK eating life. One of these days I hope to catch up with you there.
    Hope you and the family are all well.
    Melissa Torre

  2. MEL!!!!!!! How are you? What a coincidence you found my humble little blog.I read too many blogs actually, and hubby was making parinig na why don't I let others (torture others is more like it) read naman my thoughts? Haha. Hey if you ever find yourself here in HK, promise you'll call me? Hugs!!!