Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I must insist on taking a bow. After 2 years of traveling, eating, reading and taking hundreds, if not thousands of pictures, all I have to show for it are a few lazily written, hastily made up blog entries on www.******* Never mind the name, today I've officially said goodbye to my pathetic, "one post a year" food blog and welcome my new baby, cheekytsinay. This is a momentous occasion-- it means instead of spending half the day reading other people's blatherings and drooling over their pictures I spend only a quarter of the day doing so. The remaining time will be geared towards infinitely useful preoccupations like babbling on this blog, posting my food porn pics and sharing my thoughts to anyone who cares to listen.

 I applaud myself for having the audacity to assume anyone would want to know what I think, for being shameless in showing how much I enjoy copious amounts of food, but mostly I clap because I finally get to flex my non-existent writing muscles and squeeze a teensy drop or two of creative juice from my mommy-fied brain. I know it sounds better as mummy-fied, but hey, I'm not British.

Welcome to cheekytsinay. A word of caution: I always write when I'm hungry, so if you suddenly see links to food sites in the midst of my ramblings, please accept my (not so sincere) apologies. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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