Thursday, November 8, 2012

MY FAVORITES! (P for Pizza/Pasta)

As cathartic as it is to write scathing comments about various restaurants, their poor service, average dishes, sky-high prices and yawn-inducing ambiance, it's just not my style. I will complain to the manager when I'm not happy. I would go so far as to write to the owners, but I draw the line at bashing online. When I drew this line, I'm not quite sure. Maybe when I realized that half the reviews I read are rubbish. Or perhaps I just woke up one day feeling all dreamy and happy and decided that if I hate a restaurant, I would not go back. I would tell my friends about it and they could decide to take me at my word or not, however, no man hours would be wasted by venting my rage and frustration in cyberspace, where it would reach fewer than three people anyways.

In line with this ultra positive, as-light-as-air feeling (it could just be the holiday season, who knows?), I propose to write about my favorite places to chow in Hong Kong. This topic alone would give me something to write about everyday for the next few years or so. Yes, that's how many yummy restaurants there are in my adopted home away from home.

To cut my aimless storytelling short, I introduce my favorite pizza/pasta place in Hong Kong. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Why not a chasiu place? Or a dimsum place? Maybe a noodle joint? A cha chaan teng? A dai pai dong? Favorite Peking duck? Stinky tofu? Egg waffle? Fried rice? Fishball? The list is endless, but the night is short, and, to be honest, I don't have pictures of all those! Which is the perfect excuse to gorge myself on them the next few days. :)

What I do have pictures of, are Piccolo Pizzeria's Pasta al Vongole (I could happily slurp the sauce that pools at the bottom but no one leaves any for me), Carbonara (al dente, creamy but not too rich, with bacon bits in every single bite) and their pizza with charred edges, crisp crust, and an Italian egg right smack in the center! The runny yolk caresses each slice. Enough said.

Well, not nearly enough. Their Aglio Olio is one of the best in town, and the Pizza Bianca is a must try.

Piccolo Pizzeria 
Shop 1E, Davis St., Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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