Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nam Fong Cantonese Restaurant

Excellent siumai
Amazeballs cod fillet with salted egg yolk. A yummy riff on the usual prawns.
Spring roll
Fried rice with crab roe
Seafood noodles
Pretty dimsum with truffle slices! Modern, fancy, and it works!
Vegetable dumpling
My favorite: cha siu bao
Taro "puff" that's baked and rolled in almonds
Free b-day cake for December celebrators me and my brother in law

My brother in law and I celebrated our birthday with family visiting from Manila. We usually steer clear of hotel restaurants (except for Amber, Caprice and the like, because most are mediocre and overpriced). However, Nam Fong at Le Meridien Cyberport, far, far away from any MTR stations, bus tops, malls or tourist spots, was surprising in its simplicity, modernity and very well-executed Cantonese fare.

We thoroughly enjoyed the unique dishes that came steaming hot, wrapped in paper-thin skins or flaky fried to a crisp, topped with ingredients like truffle and roe, rolled in slivered nuts, or smoked in tea. They were all pretty to look at, and delectable as well. From the a la carte menu we relished the moreish fried rice with crab roe, seafood noodles, fried chicken, and crazy fattening codfish coated with one of the most addicting and rich batters one can think of- salted egg yolk.

We've been back many times since, and have tried other dishes such as flat rice noodles with duck and xo sauce, individual steamed grouper fillet and mushroom with broth, a foie gras dimsum roll and duck and scallop dumpling. Nam Fong lacks the noisy, busy bee atmosphere of most Chinese eateries. It's quiet, elegant but not stuffy, the staff are polite and well-informed, and best of all, because of a membership card we have, most of our meals have been 30-40% off. :) Beat that!

Seriously though, even without the discount, we would eat here repeatedly. They change their dimsum menu often, and I think their resident Chef is one talented guy.

Nam Fong
100 Cyberport Rd, Hong Kong
2980 7410 

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