Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MY FAVORITES! (H for Hotpot)

On chilly, windy, rainy days I need the caress of steam emanating from hot broth, the silky kiss of long strands of noodles, the body heat from a mixture of spices, the firm touch of springy balls, the meaty aroma of marbled sliced beef. I don't need a lover, I need the deep-in-your-soul satisfaction guaranteed by my favorite hotpot place. The name is Western sounding and they do serve some funky, gimmicky soup bases, but their classic ones are pretty solid. They also serve Cantonese dishes and reasonably-priced set lunches. If you have time, walk around the area. The wet market here is complete and there is a wealth of small specialty food shops.

We usually order 2 kinds of broth served in a yin yang pot, but today we just got the winter melon soup with lotus seeds. The spicy satay one is our other broth of choice.

The table set-up


Spices and sauces
I heart my sauce

Fishballs which were bouncy- the mark of a good product with no extenders

Homemade cuttlefish balls in a rainbow of colors and flavors

Konyaku or shiritake (diet noodles which papa declared tasteless, but I survive on these for my carb fix)

One of the most abundant, cheapest vegetables in HK. One of the most delicious too. Watercress.

The only kind of marble I like
One of the many bowls I enjoyed

Megan's Kitchen (what a Western name!)
5/F, Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wan Chai Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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